Sustainable Business Founder of FiveOceans Visits Jump Start

Successful crowdfunding campaigns, the challenges of starting up a business and Luise Grossmann's entrepreneurial journey were just some of the engaging topics presented by the FiveOceans Co-Founder on her recent visit to the Jump Start program.

According to the Australian Marine Conservation Society around 7 billion tonnes of plastic litter enter the ocean every year. Tackling the terrible and hugely complex problem of ocean waste is no easy task. Yet it's a problem which Luise Grossmann and Felix Wunner are passionate about. As avid surfers and world explorers, they've seen first-hand the impact plastic waste is having on our oceans and communities. In response, they set up FiveOceans, and successfully launched their first project on Kickstarter, the ecoFin, a surfboard fin made from ocean waste.

Luise in the Jump Start Classroom.

On her visit to the Jump Start project, Luise engaged the student entrepreneurs in an interesting and insightful presentation and Q&A which shared many of the lessons learnt on her journey.


With Jump Start students engaged in a design thinking process as they work to launch their own crowdfunding projects on Pozible, Luise's knowledge of creating a successful campaign was highly appreciated by the students. Luise shared valuable crowdfunding hints and tips which has helped guide the students on their own projects which also aim to tackle the problems of waste. 


Luise's unique story of setting up a business was also of great value to the students. A thorough presentation stepped us through a timeline of the trials and tribulations along the way and emphasised the importance of adaption and learning from failure. Material samples and prototypes were passed around whilst marketing strategy and start up insights gave the students much to think about and learn from. 

We finished the morning with a screening of the ecoFin documentary. Luise and her business partner Felix had only just returned to Australia after travelling the world for documentary screenings which coincided with the launch of the ecoFin.

We'd like to thank Luise for her time and wish FiveOceans the very best of luck in their future projects and in tackling the wicked problem of ocean waste.

You can find FiveOceans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.