Design Thinking Education for Junior Secondary Students in Queensland

The Jump Start design thinking and social entrepreneurship education program has kicked off again at Pimpama State Secondary College with exciting projects and initiatives planned for 2016. Students will continue to learn real world skills and tools to turn problems into opportunities.


Last year, Jump Start operated as a 12 week intensive program for a group of Year 10 students. With excellent student outcomes and positive feedback from students, parents and teachers involved, the program has been renewed and updated in order to continue improving upon the learning experience.

This year, we've scaled up the program with the intention of creating a larger positive impact for both students and the wider community. The focus (to start the year) has now turned to 85 Junior Secondary students in Years 7 and 8 who will experience Jump Start as a program which is embedded within their weekly Design Excellence classes. Students will participate in design challenges, tackle the 'wicked problem' of waste and respond with innovative solutions.


In a rapidly changing environment, our students learn how to face a world full of complexity, wicked problems and immense challenges. Population growth and climate change will see the world and its inhabitants increasingly stretched to their limits. We believe the ability to react quickly, adapt creatively and innovate passionately are key skills which will navigate us all to a brighter future.

The Jump Start program's focus continues to be on empowering young people to positively impact the world through design-led creativity and entrepreneurial endeavours.


We are creating a culture where students embrace risk, learn from failure and turn problems into opportunities. The program focusses on igniting passion in the students. Our hope is that as the social innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, our students will harness this passion and deliver positive impact to their community not just now, but into the future.

As the year progresses, students will continue to engage with visiting professionals from industry and academia, and other role models such as university students will give them unique learning opportunities and access to real world experience and knowledge.

We have an exciting array of initiatives and new projects waiting to unfold as the year progresses.

Whether you are a design practitioner, educator, entrepreneur, changemaker or student, keep your eyes peeled as we'll have opportunities for participation in innovative educational projects in the near future!

Tom Allen (of Strategic Design Consultancy Seven Positive) is an experienced educator and design strategist. He lectures at leading universities in entrepreneurship and design, consults in the field and has implemented successful programs and workshops into schools and tertiary education. Get in touch if you'd like to collaborate or learn more.