Jump Start is an award winning design thinking and social entrepreneurship program which empowers high school students to create prosperous futures.

Led by Tom Allen of Seven Positive, designed in collaboration with Adam Jefford, Head of Creative Industries at Pimpama State Secondary College, this innovative educational program creates future leaders, armed with skills and tools to positively impact their communities.


Jump Start has received a Good Design Award®, recognising the program's capacity to provide young Australians with the skills to thrive in the 21st Century.

The program strongly aligns with core research recommendations from the Foundation of Young Australians Unlimited Potential and New Work Order reports, which argue that learning enterprise skills is essential in helping young people navigate future challenges.



Student-led project approach creates strong understanding of self & surroundings and capability to innovate & confront personal, group and community challenges confidently.



Students learn skills, tools and processes to help them understand, rethink and tackle wicked problems. They learn how to prototype, test and iterate ideas in quick learning loops.


Social Enterprise

Students apply their newly learnt design & business start up skills to respond with socially and environmentally responsible, lean enterprise solutions.

The student projects create long term community benefits.

Students engage in a design thinking process and respond to wicked problems they identify in the community with innovative solutions. Previously, students tackled the issue of waste:

“How might we tackle waste with student-led social enterprise opportunities which benefit the wider community?”


Discover how the student projects are progressing.


I would 100% recommend Jump Start to other students as it has given me a different set of skills I can apply to my future endeavours.
— Mikayla